Initially, The Management Hub set out to be a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration, centred around IT Strategy and Project & Portfolio Management however, whilst there are many organisations who align to vendors, or who implement specific technologies, or even their own bespoke products, finding non-bias, agnostic consultancy can be somewhat of a challenge for many.

This is where the idea for The Management Hub started to develop, with a vision to provide Management Consultancy, in particular Project and Portfolio Management expertise, focussed on IT Operations and IT Change & Transformation. Often organisations are forced down one of two routes when outsourcing services; either trust the management and leadership of any providers implementing change initiatives for you (effectively controlling the delivery efficiency of your change), or engage independent contractors to oversee such work, who will usually deliver using the same templates and processes they were using on their last engagement, with little thought to developing the efficiency of these.

On average, the return for Clients average £6 for every £1 spent on Management Consultancy, and in some cases can reach ROIs of up to x20 investment…

Source: “The Value of Consulting” – Management Consultancies Association (MCA)

The Management Hub sets out to combat such issues. With a combination of fixed cost/fixed outcome and ad-hoc “T&M” engagements, we set out to ensure objectives and goals can be more efficiently achieved for our Clients. Our preference is always to identify the desired outcomes, whether this be the delivery of a complex Project, recovery of an under-performing Programme, or assessing capability and maturity across a Portfolio Function, and look to apply one of our packaged services. We have seen that this sort of approach can be up to 30-40% lower in cost than simply contracting a resource in full-time, with a high-level remit of what to deliver.

We pride ourselves on our openness, honesty and Client first approach. It is important to us to remain unbias when it comes to providing consultancy, to ensure every engagement delivered truly centres around each organisations unique requirements. We avoid favouring specific technologies or vendors and instead solely focus on delivering true value to Stakeholders and measurable success against each defined objective.